Kangaroo land – slot machine

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There are five reels, three rows of characters on the screen and twenty lines in the game “Kangaroo land”. The set of available functions consists of basic images, special elements, four cumulative jackpots, free spins and a risk double game.
Users can bet on one, five, ten, fifteen or twenty active lines. They can put one, two, five, ten or twenty credits on each position. Accordingly, the rate of no more than four hundred credits per round is allowed.
The goal of the game remains unchanged for all models of this genre. You will need to receive payments. In the main way, they are awarded on combinations of ordinary pictures that are continuously lined up on the involved lines, starting with the first drum on the left. In one lane, the winnings are accrued only for the longest chain, but there may be several of them at different positions in the same back.
Payouts are calculated using combination factors, which in Kangaroo Land range from x5 to x1000. They multiply by line bet. All winnings accrued on the results of the round are added up. The user then decides what to do with the money. They can immediately pick up or try to increase the risk game of the chances.
It is designed in a classic style. A closed card appears on a separate screen. You need to guess its color. If you succeed in this, the amount will double. If you make a mistake, you will lose money. You can act in succession no more than five times (if the limit set by the rules is not exceeded). You can never make a mistake. Money can be taken at any stage.
In the slot machine “Kangaroo laid” laid theoretical return at 96.16. Model developers provide an opportunity to participate in the draw of four progressive jackpots. They bear the names of four card suits and are accumulated separately from each other by deductions from the rates that customers make with real bets. Get any of them can each user who plays for money.
A round that is win-win is triggered randomly in a regular back. Twelve closed cards appear on the screen. You have to randomly open them, collecting suits. When you have three identical, you will become the owner of the jackpot named for this suit.